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Our current project is called the Atlantic to Pacific Pipeline Project. This project is a crude oil products transportation system. A set of pipelines transport product from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts from a deep water facility on the Atlantic (East Side) to another deep water facility on the Pacific (West Side) . The entire system consists of a deep water facility; a sub-oceanic pipeline set; a tank complex on the Atlantic coast of Central America; a terrestrial pipeline from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast; a tank complex on the Pacific Coast of Central America and a sub-oceanic pipeline to the deep water facility on the Pacific side. The pipeline system is capable of carrying 4.2 million of barrels of product per day from the tankers on the Atlantic Side to the Super-tankers on the Pacific side.

The sub-oceanic pipelines are laid under the Atlantic Ocean carrying the product to the Atlantic tank farms; the terrestrial pipelines carry the product beneath the coastal plains, over the mountains, under lakes and rivers and down to the coastal plains and the Pacific Ocean. At several points along its path, it is served by pumping stations. These stations are monitored in real time by sensors, video, audio and human observers. The data collected by the systems is transported via fiber optic cable to the two data centers, one on the Atlantic Coast and one on the Pacific Coast. Most of the different types of captured data will become part of the pipeline record. Those items that are outside of the bounds defined as normal are immediately identified and require a response from the headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida or in one of the data centers in the host country.  An appropriate response is determined based on criteria defined in advance by Phenix Energy Group and the required action is initiated.

The corporate center in Palm Harbor, Florida  receives data in real time based on sorting algorithms designed by our staff to alert the company to any out of the ordinary event. The timing and degree of the response is a function of programmed and real-time evaluations by Phenix Energy Group personnel.  Every significant piece of equipment required for the construction and for the ongoing support and maintenance of the pipeline is tracked and managed by a state of the art system developed exclusively for this project. The system allows us to monitor all vital functions and maintenance intervals for power equipment ranging from backhoes to helicopters and all equipment in between. It also permits us to restrict the operation of all equipment to only those people who are qualified and who are registered as certified operators of the particular piece of equipment. This security significantly reduces, if not eliminates, theft, vandalism and operation by unqualified and uncertified operators. All activities on any equipment are tied to a particular operator and this allows us to track competence, timeliness, skill and performance as well as service intervals.

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