Bruce Perrin - Chief Operating Officer & Acting Chief Information Officer 

Const1Mr. Perrin joined Phenix Energy Group in January of 2008 as Executive Vice President of Technology and Telecommunications.  He has since been promoted to Chief Operating Officer and acting Chief Information Officer. He has more 40 years of experience in computers, communications, telephony, wide area networks, community wide Wi-Fi systems, programming, software architecture and design.  In addition to his computer experience, he is trained as an architect (residential and commercial) and an engineer (civil) and has extensive experience in project management, acquisitions and fund raising.

Projects of note completed by Mr. Perrin include: File management project for the county court system of the State of Minnesota; Data communication and conversion project for the U.S. Navy Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard; Data conversion project for Ceridian Corp; Complete software and hardware audit for Marquette Bank Corp in Minnesota; Complete automation system for all 37 offices of Reisen, Janick, Carling, Sebastian and Leveric Attorneys At Law – San Francisco, CA; Robotic Food Processing system for Alexander and Baldwin Company, Hawaii; Roller Mill and Feed Mill automation system for Ralston Purina Company; Portable radar tracking system for Raven Industries Electronic Systems Division; Evidence Gathering and Tracking system designed for the New York City Police Department; Real time tracking of over the road trucks including live statistics on engine, transmission, brakes and operational issues including speed and on course reporting for World Transit Partners, a technology VAR in the trucking industry.

Mr. Perrin has taught computers and programming at the University of Hawaii as well as given countless lectures on Technology in the Workplace, Effective Use of Technology, The Capture and Analysis of Statistical Data, Disaster Preparedness and Recovery, Making Windows and Linux/Unix Communicate.



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