A Few Words About Us

If you are looking for an Opportunity!  We are currently looking for individuals that are not risk averse. If you feel that you are such a person and want to learn how you can be a part of this remarkable opportunity, please click on the link below to send us your contact information.


Who are we?  Phenix Energy Group, Incorporated is a business devised and implemented to create unique and significant projects, develop business plans bringing them to fruition, raise capital to bring the projects to reality and deliver a completed end product on time, under budget and above customer expectations.

Where are we? Phenix Energy Group maintains an office in Palm Harbor, Florida, a member community of the Tampa Bay Area on the gulf coast of Florida.


Gerald Leroux - Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Perrin - Chief Operating Officer and Acting Chief Information Officer

James Silvers -President and Acting Chief Financial Officer

Mike McNaney - Executive Vice President - Construction

Geoffrey Laplante - Corporate Attorney & House Counsel

Aldo Schenone - Director de Relaciones Oficiales Internacionales

Kenneth Austin - Executive Vice President - General Manager

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